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October 16, 2007

1st Marketing Source, LLC started in 2007 and has been helping business owners like yourself with Technical Solution's ever since.


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Few Words About Us


Sam Cardenas

1st Marketing Source, LLC

Denver, Co 80201

Office: 720-307-4466


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The owner of 1st Marketing Source LLC, Sam Cardenas, is a subject matter expert in all aspects of IT configuration and support, including network design and implementation, remote access solutions, WiFi networking, data backup, and business software consulting. Discover how Sam and 1st Marketing Source LLC can meet your IT infrastructure needs today and in the future.

Sam Cardenas


  • Sam Cardenas is a leading IT service provider and business owner with an unwavering commitment to executing innovative and ethical leadership. His ability to understand and strategically adapt to the unique technological challenges of his clients leaves his consultative services in high demand.


  • Sam is renowned for providing businesses and individuals with the right technology hardware, software, and services. Consulting with each client, Sam gains insight into the specific business requirements of each customer, allowing him to select the appropriate systems to power telephones, voicemail, email, Internet hosting, websites, networking, servers, cloud services, and more.


  • A decade of experience in IT has given Sam the ability to find the right system to meet any commercial or residential budget. Whether you are concerned about buying IT systems that are more than what you need, or not being able to meet future growth with your existing infrastructure, Sam is able to configure a customized solution that fits your needs exactly. Need to lower your exsting IT expenses? Sam can assess the capabilities of your existing IT infrastructure and recommend changes that will save you money without compromising the effectiveness of your operations.


  • Whether serving as a consultant or diving into the installation of networks and systems in a hands‐on capacity, Sam is capable of fully meeting and surpassing client expectations, delivering solid results in a prompt and professional manner.


  • With strong technical expertise, natural interpersonal skills, and a vast network of powerful professional resources, Sam can fulfill even the most challenging objectives in time‐sensitive scenarios.


“Sam was able to blend a high level of technical acumen with a personality that is able to put people at ease. I know for a fact that it must be difficult to find engineers with both a technical mind and business understanding, and Sam Cardenas can provide both.”


Christopher C., Cbeyond Operations Trainer



Sam has some of the best customer relationship skills I have ever seen in an agent. He is extremely technical and a very fast learner but, perhaps most importantly, he is an expert at explaining complex technical issues to non‐technical people.


Robert M., Customer Operations Management at Cbeyond



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